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Energy Star Tax Credits

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 provides a tax credit to help offset the costs of making energy efficiency improvements to your home. The tax credits pertain to a variety of furnaces, air conditioning units, HVAC work. Up to $1500 Tax Savings for qualifying purchases on energy efficient systems.

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Heating and Cooling FAQ’s

Heating and Cooling are two of the most important features of any home or business. They control air temperature, humidity and maintain the quality of the air in the home. Understanding the terms, how they relate to your home, making sure the unit runs efficiently and verifying you are maximizing your energy costs are critical.

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Indoor Air Quality

Did you Know: During different seasons and within certain climates, air can become dry and affect the quality of life in your home. Additionally, pollen, animal dander, smoke, bacteria and other pollutants naked to the human eye exist, exist throughout the home and can be harmful to your health. The right heating and cooling system can protect against unwanted pollutants.

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Furnaces and Air Conditioners Carried

At Jeff’s Heating and Cooling, we are authorized dealers of the top US heating and air conditioners. We strive to only offer our customers the most reputable and long lasting hvac brands. In addition to furnaces and air conditioners, we also provide thermostats, fireplaces, heat pumps and other HVAC products for your home or business.

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